Our Passion

Leading the thirsty to the Water of Life

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink." - Jesus

John 7:37

The Brook is a diverse church in Chicago's northwest side. Our hope is to get to meet and know people like you. We'd love to share with you how much Jesus means to us and how He's changed our lives. We're imperfect people who love bragging about our amazing God.



Let the Remnant Rise!

At The Brook we want to call a remnant of men to rise up to the kind of biblical manhood that infuses men with a God-glorifying and Gospel-informed purpose that will rock the lives of youth, single men, and married men.

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What WATER means to us

At The Brook, the word WATER functions as an acronym that expresses what we want to be about.

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Beloved: God. Sex. Relationship.

Who should I date? What are qualities I should look for in a spouse? How do I protect my heart and yet feel the passions that I feel? How do I rekindle love, resolve conflict, and communicate better?

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Wed Jun 28

Real Community Gathering (RC)

Real Community Gatherings are a place for those who are exploring Jesus and want to know more about

Fri Sep 08

Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat


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